This list is meant as a starter for my students and for those interested in Scottish or Celtic music etc. I hope it is helpful. Instead of linking each title, I have provided a couple of links to online shops that have a good selection of Scottish/Irish/Piping CDs, books and videos. This also lets you do a little shopping and get to know what stores you like best. If you can't find what you are looking for, a simple Google search on any of these items should work.    ( items marked * are highly recommended )



* The Book of the Bagpipe
The Highland Bagpipe & its Music
Highland Pipe Makers

Music Books:

Traditional and Older Composers

* Scots Guards Vol I,II
Gordon Highlanders Vol I, II
Queen's Own Highlanders Coll.
Cairngorm Collection Vol I, II, III
Donald MacLeod's Collection I-VI

Contemporary Composers, Collections

* Bob Worrall
Ann Gray
Bill Livingstone
Ian MacCrimmon
Bruce Gandy
Michael Grey
Robert Matheison
Mark Saul
Murray Blair
Chris Armstrong
Barry Shears
Terry Tully


* Pipes Ready (pipe maintenance)
Pipes Up (pipe tuning)
Instrument of War (documentary)

Instructional Books:

* The Piper's Primer - Russ Spalding
The Highland Bagpipe Tutor - by the Piping Center
John Cairns Bagpipe Tutor series

* Rhythmic Fingerwork - Jim MacGillivray

Care & Maintenance of the Great
   Highland Bagpipe - Ringo Bowen



Pipe Bands (PB)

* World Pipe Band Championships
* Simon Fraser University PB
Field Marshall Montgomery PB
Victoria Police PB
Alberta Caledonia PB
78th Fraser Highlanders PB
St Thomas Episcopal School PB
Boghall and Bathgate PB
Nunawading PB
A Pipe Band Spectacular
Vale of Atholl PB
Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia PB

Solo Piping

* Piping Center Recital Series
* Master Pipers
* Masters of Scottish Arts Concert
World's Greatest Pipers Series
Bruce Gandy
Michael Grey
Anne Gray
William MacCallum
Fred Morrison
Rory Campbell
Piping Hot - Young Pipers
Chris Armstrong
Mark Saul

Suggested Retailers:

The Tartan Thistle
Tone Czar
Tartan Town

MP3 Downloads:



Scottish Music (not pipe bands)

Old Blind Dogs
Battlefield Band
Tannahill Weavers

Irish Music


Celtic Bands (mix Scots/Irish/etc)

Pipe Down
Boys of the Lough

Cape Breton Music

Natalie MacMaster
Barry Shears
Ashley MacIssac
Wendy MacIssac

French Breton Pipe Bands (Bagadou)

Bagad Kemper
Bagad Breig
Bagad Cap Cavall


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