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Tunes Suitable for Weddings:

Highland Cathedral: 1.5MB
(A very fitting melody for the wedding processional)

Lindisfarne: 1.18 MB
(A slow waltz by Matt Seattle)

6/8 Marches: 1.65 MB
(Lively traditional tunes for the recessional)

Tunes Suitable for Memorials:

Amazing Grace: 942KB
(A popular tune for many occasions)

Various Traditional Tunes:

Air & Jig: 1.7MB
Bu Deonach Leam Tilleadh (I Long To Return), Daniel Michael Coleman Father's Favorite

Irish Reels: 1.41MB
Humours of Tulla, Glass of Beer, Dick Gossip

Y'did Nefesh: 980KB
Traditional Hebrew melody, recorded for the sountrack to ALISTAIR MACLEAN: Y'DID NEFESH




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